Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Johnny Depp's Tattooed For Life

He's not only a leading man, but a leader in the realm of tattooed actors. Depp started getting skin art before it got trendy, and he's kept his whole ink collection very personal. In fact, most of the time, you won't see a single tattoo of his in any of his movie roles.

He's got designs for his Native American heritage, the name "Betty Sue" for his mom and one that used to be for Winona Ryder. He's got tattoos for both of his children too.

If you're asking yourself, hey, didn't Captain Jack Sparrow's tattoo seem to change arms from the first Pirates Of The Caribbean movie and the second? the answer is *yes*.

In the first movie, Sparrow's right forearm is bared by Norrington, to reveal a sparrow tattoo and a branded P for 'pirate.' In the sequel, the sparrow tattoo is now on the left arm. The reason? It's a real tatoo now and that's how Depp had it tattooed on his arm, after the birth of his son Jack.

Johnny Depp's Tattooed For Life

Angelina Jolie's Tattoos

No other Academy Award-winning actress has ever had as many tattoos as Angelina Jolie. She acquires ink as she wishes and has done several coverups and a laser removal along the way as well.

She's got Latin, English and Cambodian words on her, prayers for her family and personal mottos. Several Japanese kanji have come and gone. Her lower back has a large Tiger that was done by the traditional Thai hand methods, and somewhere way down her recently pregnant belly you'll find a large cross, which is a coverup for a dragon she once had done when drunk. We'll have to wait a bit to see if that tattoo came through the pregnancy ok.

The one bit of ink that you won't see anymore due to it being lasered off is the words "Billy Bob" that used to be adjacent that dragon on her left upper arm. Recent pics show new ink which is the latitude and longitude numbers for Cambodia and Ethiopia, birthplaces of her two adopted children. The dragon also shows signs of being lasered off as it's greatly faded.

No word yet if she's gotten any tattoos to commemorate Brad yet. It's not good for pregnant or nursing women to get tattooed, so most likely it'll be awhile before a design in honor of new baby Shiloh Nouvel is added to the permanent collection.

angelina jolie's tattoo